ZFS Backup Storage

Store your backups at Microtronix at industry low prices per TB, knowing your data is safe with our ZFS infrastructure.

What's unique about our storage is we give you an empty Linux filesystem to access with any SSH tool or FTP tool. Built on ZFS for data security and fault tolerance! You can back up any other cloud, or any server or service directly!

Bandwidth is not an issue, we don't charge ingress/egress fees, fully unmetered on our 10G backup nodes! You buy the space, we keep it safe! Our 250G backhaul network ensures you'll never have an issue backing up or getting to your data.

Have a lot of data to store? Send us a USB drive for the initial copy, we'll copy over to your folder and send back!!

Backup Storage
Cloud Storage

Premium ZFS Storage

Use our vast storage array for your sensitive data and backups, and know its secure! We run daily snapshots and keep up to 7 of them using ZFS Snapshot technology! Want more or less snapshots to use up your space, open a ticket, its fully customizable!

  • Starts at 1TB storage

  • IPv4 or IPv6 connectivity

  • Configurable Snapshots

  • No limit on space, how much do you want?

  • We don't charge egress like Ama*** does, its your data, get to it when you want!

Prices start at $4.00/m

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ZFS Filesystem

Linux Native

7 Daily Automatic Snapshots

No Usage/Seat Fees, No Egress Charges, No Contracts

SSH Accessible, rSync, FTP, Duplicity

Unlimited email/phone support

World Class 10-gigabit Network with IPv6 Connectivity


Contact us to schedule a strategy meeting with one of our account solution providers today!

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